GB student shot dead by robbers in Islamabad

Posted on November 15, 2010 by Dailybaadeshimal/


(Abd ul Hussian Nagri)

Islamabad, November 14: In a highly condemnable and tragic incident a student, Akbar Hussain, belonging to Pissan (Nagar) has reportedly been shot dead by mobile snatchers in the Karachi Company (G-9) sector of Islamabad.

Akbar was younger brother of Naveed Nagri, president of the literary body Anjuman-e-Fikr-o-Sukhan Nagar. He had recently completed MBA and was reportedly preparing to appear in the competitive Central Superior Services examination.

Akbar was reportedly shot dead after he put resistance to mobile snatchers.

The dead body of Akbar has been sent from Rawalpindi to his native village amid severe protests from the Islamabad and Rawalpindi based GB student community. The students have expressed anger and shock at the impunity enjoyed by robbers and murderers in the capital city. They have demanded quick investigation of the case to provide justice to family of the slain Akbar Hussain Nagri.



3 thoughts on “GB student shot dead by robbers in Islamabad

  1. Nael Khan

    The tragic and brutal act of killing is highly condemnable and requires immediate arrest of the killers. The unbearable loss suffered by the parents of Akbar Hussain in general and the region of GB in particular can not be expressed in words. A bright ,young intelligent student ready for enlightening the region with his hard earned qualification couldnot bear the fruit due to unknown terrorists. Terrorists with an aim to snatch a mobile and some pieces of paper darkened the life of old parents. Its merciless brutal and violent killing. i offer my heartiest condolences for the family of Akbar Hussain and may Allah bless them with the courage to bear the immense loss.

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