RCMG leader Rehan Shah arrested, shifted to Gulmit Police Station

February 20: posted in /pamir times

Rehan Shah, a leader of the Rabita Committee Mutasreen Gojal, has been arrested in Gilgit and shifted to Gulmit Police Station. He was, reportedly, arrested in Gilgit city and kept at Aliabad Police Station for some days due to bad weather before being shifted to Gulmit today. It is pertinent to note that Rehan Shah was beaten up by police during a protest in Aliabad Hunza some months back, while he was leading a procession for rights of the people affected by the Attabad landslide and damming of Hunza River. A case had also been registered against Rehan Shah for holding an anti-government demonstration in Gulmit. Also nominated in the case were around 10 more people belonging mainly to Ghulkin and Gulmit, two villages of Gojal Valley. Rehan Shah had refused to seek bail before arrest, terming the cases to be fake. He has, now, been arrested and shifted to Gulmit, headquarter of the Gojal Valley. Public circles have expressed shock and anger over the arrest because only a couple of days back the Chief Secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan, Saifullah Chattha, had assured a delegation of Gojal Valley that arrangements were being made to withdraw cases registered against protesters in Gojal Valley. The people of Gojal Valley have demanded finishing of all ‘political cases’ against the activists.


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