MLA Rizvi threatens to bomb GBLA building

Posted on March 11, 2011 by Pamir Times|

” Rizvi disappointed us”, Wazeer Shakeel, GBLA Law Minister

PT Report

GILGIT, March 10: Independent member of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly, Razi Uddin Rizvi, stunned the house by threatening to blow up the building with a bomb.

“These people repeatedly lie and cheat”, he said, protesting against the failure of PPP to appoint Rizvi, Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee, as Minister in the GB cabinet.

MLA Rizvi, elected from LA 1, Gilgit

“We will create such a situation that the federal government will be forced to dissolve the assembly”, he further threatened. The Deputy Speaker of GBLA, Jameel Ahmed, had to adjourn proceedings of the assembly for some time due to the situation created by Rizvi, who is known in Gilgit by the name of “Sarkar”.

GB Law Minister, Wazir Shakeel, expressed disappointment over the statement of Rizvi. He said that there are democratic ways of expressing disagreement and protest.

Commenting on Rizvi’s dramatic speech, Muhammad Musa, member of PPP Central Executive Committee, has said that Rizvi will have to join the Pakistan Peoples Party, if he wants to become a minister. “Those threatening of bombing the assembly building should come out of the Mosques and compete with us in the political grounds”, a local daily has quoted Musa as saying.

Parliamentary Committee of the Pakistan Peoples Party has condemned the threats and statements of Rizvi in a meeting held after the GBLA session. The committee has said in a press statement that the speech of Rizvi has thwarted the peace efforts in Gilgit.

Another independent candidate from Gilgit city, Deedar Ali, asked Rizvi to not use the ‘bombing threat’. He, however, supported Rizvi’s protest saying the elected members of Gilgit city have been sidelined by the PPP.

It is pertinent to note that three members from Gilgit, Deputy Speaker – Jameel Ahemd, MLA Aftab Haider and MLA Sadia Danish – both advisers to the Chief Minister, are already part of the GB cabinet. Rizvi has, however, said that two of the three cabinet members from Gilgit town are not elected so they can not claim to be representatives of the people.



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