US shuts Pakistan embassy, consulates

Protest against the release of CIA agent Reymond Davis were staged in different cities of Pakistan on Thursday March 17.
The United States has closed its embassy and all consulates in Pakistan, as protests against the release of a CIA contractor charged with killing two Pakistanis intensify.

A statement issued by the US embassy in Islamabad said on Thursday that the diplomatic mission and US consulates will shut down to avoid any mishaps, as Pakistanis vow to continue the protests on Friday, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Hundreds of outraged people took to streets in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad and Peshawar on Thursday and chanted slogans against the US-backed government of Pakistan, calling it a “slave of the US.”

The protesters also chanted anti-US slogans, saying the United States is an enemy and wants to destabilize Pakistan. They asked the government not to destroy the country for their own interests.

In Lahore and Peshawar, the demonstrations turned violent as police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters. Local authorities have tightened security in front of all US consulates in major cities.

The CIA contracting agent Raymond Davis killed two locals in the eastern city of Lahore in January in what Washington claims to have been an act of “self-defense,” contradicting witness accounts and court documents.

Davis was released on Wednesday after he supposedly posted a ‘blood money’ for the victims, Pakistani officials said. However, the family of the slain men said they were pressured by police to sign the agreement.

Pakistan had been under mounting pressure to release Davis. US lawmakers had threatened to cut millions of dollars in military and economic aid to Islamabad.

The case has soured relations between Islamabad and Washington since January and intensified anti-US sentiments in Pakistan.


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