Residents of Chilas protest against target killing, demand shifting of GB capital and resignation of CM

  Thousand of protesters took to streets in Chilas, the district headquarters of Diamer, and blocked the KKH while a complete shutter down strike was observed in the city against the targeted killing of Abdul Wakil, a resident of Chilas in Gilgit city. Thousand of people in chilas gathered at Golden Peak Chowk this morning and marched towards the Karakuram Highway. They were holding placards and banners inscribed with ant- government slogans. Protesters put stones on the KKH and blocked it for all types of traffic.They chanted slogans against the target killing in Gilgit. Addressing on the occasion speakers demanded of the govt to shift the headquarters from Gilgit to any other area because the law and order situation in Gilgit was going bad to worse day by day. “Dead bodies are being sent from Gilgit to Chilas, Astore, Skrdu and Hunza – Nagar, which is dangerous for harmony in the region” the speakers said. Protesters also demanded that Chief minister should resign because he had failed to maintain law and order in the capital city of Gilgit – Baltistan.


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