6 buses torched in Chilas, 13 passengers killed, 200 safely returned to Gilgit Chilas: One of the buses burnt near Chilas



At least 13 passengers were killed by terrorists in Gonar Farm area close to Chilas today in reaction to a sectarian violence that erupted in Gilgit city this morning, leading to the death of up to 7 people, at the hands of terrorists. The protesters in Chilas also burnt down six buses, pushing two of them in the Indus River, in a fit of rage! A Superintendent of Police and two of his guards were injured while trying to protect the passengers. The tragic barbarism displayed by mobs in Gilgit and Chilas has left the entire country shocked. All political parties and social groups have strongly condemned the incident, demanding action against the culprits and a gradual return to normalcy. The Gilgit – Baltistan government and Law Enforcing Agencies are being severely criticized for their failure to protect the protesters in Gilgit and the passengers in Chilas. Positive Role of Ulema and Leaders of Diamer Meanwhile, a number of Ulema and leaders of Diamer have safely returned around 200 passengers, who had reportedly been kidnapped or “taken into protective custody” by the violent mob, to Gilgit. The support and protection provided by the Ulema and general public of Diamer has been hailed. However, there are also unconfirmed reports that some commuters are still in custody of the assailants who killed the innocent people today. Public circles have appreciated the Ulema of Diamer for protecting the 200 innocent and unarmed passengers and ensuring their safe return to Gilgit. A source told Pamir Times that Ulema of Diamer accompanied the rescued commuters to Gilgit along with government officials. It is being said that if not for the efforts of some respected and neutral Ulema, the bloodshed could have gotten much worse.


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