Nagar (Urdu: ریاست نگر) was a princely state in the northernmost part of the Northern Areas of Pakistan, which existed until 1974. The state bordered the Gilgit Agency to the south and west, and the former princely state of Hunza to the north and east. The state capital was the town of Nagar. The area of Nagar now forms three tehsils of Hunza-Nagar District. Nagar along with Gilgit and Baltistan is claimed by India as part of the state of Jammu & Kashmir.

State of Nagar
  • Capital          : Nagar
  • Area               : 5,000 km²
  • Languages  : Burushaski Shina
  • Established  :14th century 
    Abolished 25/09/1974



Present Day Details
Place Name: Nagar
State/Province: Gilgit-Baltistan
Country: Pakistan

Nagar was an autonomous principality in close association with neighbouring Hunza. The British gained control of both states 1889 and 1892. The British retained Nagar’s status as a ‘principality’ until 1947 but together with Hunza it was considered a vassal of Kashmir, although never ruled directly by it. The rulers of Nagar sent annual tributes to the Kashmir Durbar until 1947, and along with the ruler of Hunza, were considered amongst the most loyal vassals of the Maharajas of Kashmir.

In 1947, the state acceded to Pakistan, but continued as semi autonomous state. In 1968 Syed Yahya Shah the first educated politician of the valley, demanded civil rights from the Mir of Nagar. When Ayub Khan’s dictatorship ended in Pakistan and the democratic government of the Pakistan Peoples Party under Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came into power through elections it realized the sentiments of the people against the Mir for democracy so the Government freed the prisoners of the movement and dissolved the Mirs of Hunza and Nagar and were merged into the Northern Areas in 1974.

Nagar is bordered by the District Gilgit to the southwest, China to the north and northeast and Afghanistan to the northwest. The state capital is the town of Nagar Khas (also known as Uyum Nagar, which means “The Mighty Nagar Empire”).

The state was governed by the hereditary rulers of the Maghlot dynasty who were styled as Mir and were assisted by a council of Wazirs or Ministers. Details for early rulers are uncertain with the first definite dates available from 1839 CE onwards. The son of the last ruler, Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan, was in 2005 Northern Areas deputy chief executive.

Reign Mirs of Nagar
Unknown dates Fadl Khan
Unknown dates Daud Khan
Unknown dates Ali Dad Khan (1st time)
Unknown dates Hari Tham Khan
Unknown dates Ali Dad Khan (2nd time)
Unknown dates Kamal Khan
Unknown dates Rahim Khan I
Unknown date – 1839 Rahim Khan II
1839 – 1891 Jafar Zahid Khan (1st time)
1891 – 1892 Raja Azur Khan (acting)
1892 – 1904 Jafar Zahid Khan (2nd time)
1905 – 17 March 1940 Raja Mir Iskandar Khan
17 March 1940 – 25 September 1974 Shaukat Ali Khan (1930-1976)
25 September 1974 State of Nagar dissolved

The geography of Nagar was very difficult mountainous terrain, which provided a certain degree of protection against invading forces. The highest mountain was the 7,788 m (25,551 ft) Mount Rakaposhi which lay to the south of the town of Nagar. As of 2009[update], the Karakoram Highway crosses Nagar, connecting Pakistan to China via the Khunjerab Pass. The road follows the Hunza river for some distance through Nagar and into the Hunza region.

Rakaposhi is situated in Gulmat Nagar and Diran Peaks is situated in Minapin Nagar-2, while Rush Lake (High altitude Wetland), Golden Peak, Hopper Glacier, Spantik, Hisper Glacier, Bowalter Glacier and Barpu white glaciers are in Nagar-1.batura glacier, sony pakosh, and barodaruksh LAKE are situated in Bar valley in nagar2.hoper valley is the most important in nagar valley according to its historical point of view because it is fact that the all families were dispersed with time were from in hoper valley to different parts of nagar which were later populated like chalt,iskenderabad it also contains proper Nagar valley. we also agree on that the nagar proper is the capital of all Nagar but hoper is the ansient capital of nagar. The hoper vcalley is the ancient capitl of nagar but not only nagar also of hunza because the ulter donce is in hoper valley whose histry is so lengthy which i can not describe here.

The inhabitants of the Nagar valley is around 90,000 (AKRSP Census, 2000). Nagar is home of people of two main ethnicities – the Burushaski speakers and the Shina speakers. The older type of Broshuski is still spoken in this valley with mild modern accent.

Although the population was traditionally predominantly shia (Jafria).

Polo :Nagar was famous for its polo team. It is the only team from the Northern Areas who played the polo match in  New Delhi on the arrival of the George VI of England and won the trophy there. Until 1972 it was the unbeatable team of the northern areas.




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